Confident Parenting – Dr. Jim Burns

Ever feel like you are lost in your parenting? Feel that there is a better way to parent but are not certain what that looks like? On this episode of #Trending, Paige invites Dr. Burns to discuss his book Confident Parenting. From overcoming negative family patterns to creating a Parenting Plan, he provides wisdom and tools [...]

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#Trending: Real Moms on Self Harm

Real Mom's and Youth Workers come together to discuss the tough topic of Self Harm behavior your teen or your teen's friend may be struggling with.

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Paige’s Page: Physical Effects of Stress

Stress does more on our bodies than we know. You might have physical struggles that may be due to the amount of stress you have in your life. Educate yourself about the effects of stress, and ways to cope with stressful life seasons.

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Paige’s Page: There Is Hope

Paige talks about there being hope even when you go through rough seasons of your life.

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Paige’s Page: Focus On The Present Don't get distracted by the future that hasn't happened yet. Stay focused on the here and now and the blessings it has today.

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