#Trending: A Hope Center & Teen Pregnancy

Many of us parents would love to live in denial that our kids does not nor will not know much about sex till they get married, even then we are still a little nervous of them knowing that information! A Hope Center is a fabulous resource for parents and teens who need to know more [...]

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#Trending: ‘What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men!’

For this #Trending Episode  the author of What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men, Julie Gorman, joins me to discuss some of the wisdom she has gained throughout her life, and how we can translate that into wisdom for our own children!

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Blog: Fear In Parenting: Part 1 Physically

So again I prompt you to explore your fears about raising your kids in a world that does not value them the way you do. What fears do you harbor that isolates you and manipulates your parenting in both good and unhealthy ways? I want to discuss the ways that we fear for our children [...]

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Blog: Fear In Parenting Series

I don’t think I have ever experienced fear like I have since having children! I am sure that if you are also a parent you can understand my sentiments. Our children are priceless! Not like in the credit card commercial, or describing a gem or piece of art. I am saying that my children’s lives [...]

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#Trending: Sex and a Teen’s Brain

Dr. Greg Sowles walks us through the brain of teens in regards to Sex. Don't miss this episode, the information is for both you and your teen!

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