#Trending: Limitations Do Not Define Us

Our identities should NOT be based on the things we can't do, but instead on us as a whole person with both strengths and limitations.

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#Trending: Teen Trends & Technology

Clinton Faupel, Executive Director of RemedyLIVE/Soul Medic Media, INC, discusses the need for parents to monitor their teens exposure to technology.

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#Trending: Teens & Technology Workshop

This is the first generation that has grown up always knowing the internet and the technology to get to it. Though the internet as a whole is not bad, there are elements that has potential to damage adolescents. It is important for parents to know where they stand on issues of technology use, and ways [...]

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Blog: Raising Teens with a “LifeProof”(tm) Case

The day I got my first smart phone was like adding to my growing family! I had just gotten married and had my first baby. The smart phone came with a full book of instructions and I soaked it all up. It was glorious! Though I felt certain that my life was ready and capable [...]

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