#Trending: ‘What I Wish My Mother Taught Me About Marriage’

Greg and Julie Gorman, discuss their newest book, "What I Wish My Mother Taught Me About Marriage." It's important to discuss the value of marriage and ways to bring health to that covenant as marriage impacts the health and wellness of the children in the homes.   So here is our newest episode that gives [...]

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#Trending: Susan Merrill’s iMom Director

iMom is a resource you can use at any stage in your children's lives, from preschool to college aged. Susan shares a little about the resources offered and some of her parenting wisdom that is sure to inspire, encourage and equip!

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#Trending: Jay Payleitner, Author & National Speaker.

Jay Payleitner joins me on this episode of #Trending to discuss his new book, '52 Things Sons Need From Their Dads.' This episode highlights wisdom for not only dads and how to connect to their sons, but also for moms who want to better understand the male dynamics!

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#Trending: ‘Hoodwinked’ the Movie Creator, Cory Edwards Talks Parenting

Movie Writer, Director and Producer, Cory Edwards discusses entertainment media and the influence it has on our kids. Don't miss this episode from an insider in both the Entertainment Industry & Parenting!

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#Trending: Jerry B. Jenkins

I had the honor to interview best selling author of more than 180 books, Jerry B. Jenkins. Watch this episode as he gives encouragement and wisdom on the blessing of raising children.

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#Trending: The Gruzins’ Family and Overcoming CyberBullying!

I had the privilege of meeting this family while I was down in Nashville, and I knew I just had to interview them for the Trending Show. This family has experienced Cyber Bullying on an international scale. Listen as Karlis, Kelli and their daughter Harper have overcome the negativity that this world can dish out. [...]

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#Trending: Identity Development

Teens are seeking who they are yet are often times left finding it in things that are not truly them. Paige explains her steps of discovering personal identity for both parents and teens.

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#Trending: Raising Teens with Faith

In a world where anything goes, how can we raise our kids with integrity, morals, direction, and foundation? Dan and Kim Chitwood, discuss their steps of raising 4 teenagers.

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