Blog: Why Do You Love Me?

Why do you love me? Micah, my 3 year old, has been asking this question recently. I will say I love you, and he will look at me with head tilted and say, why do you love me? The first time he did this I laughed and said, "because your my baby!” But when he [...]

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Blog: Obedience & Forgiveness

My daughter who is 7, has been having random bouts of defiance recently. My normally flexible, compassionate, servant oriented, happy girl has turned into a raging, argumentative, entitled teenager! HOLY COW she is ONLY 7, where is this coming from?! So after a long day of some creative parenting, that may or may not have [...]

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#Trending: Acting Out Beauty

Beauty is a lot more than just your physical appearance, however how is it defined? This Episode Paige Walks through the aspects of beauty and ways to practice them.

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