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Paige’s Page: Why you SHOULD end some relationships!

The thought of walking away from some relationships can seem overwhelming. You question what you will do without the company of the other person. Who would you be without them? Its scary, but sometimes absolutely necessary! When a relationship is tearing you down, discouraging, destructive, compromising your worth and integrity, you need to be brave [...]

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Blog: Raising Teens with a “LifeProof”(tm) Case

The day I got my first smart phone was like adding to my growing family! I had just gotten married and had my first baby. The smart phone came with a full book of instructions and I soaked it all up. It was glorious! Though I felt certain that my life was ready and capable [...]

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Paige’s Page: Focus On The Present Don't get distracted by the future that hasn't happened yet. Stay focused on the here and now and the blessings it has today.

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Now Trending: AskFM

Attention Parents: there is an app out there called AskFM. People can write ANYTHING they want anonymously on your board. The destruction of joy, peace, identity, worth and value all happen with the words stated on this site. I am not one to over spiritualized things, but this app is truly a tool for evil. [...]

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