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Paul Coughlin: How to Handle Bullying With Your Teens Paul Coughlin, of The Protectors, joins us today to discuss our role as parents in the bullying epidemic in our nation. If you’re a parent and have a teen struggling with this issue you need someone to talk to. Please click the “LIVE CHAT NOW" button at the top of the page so we [...]

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Confident Parenting – Dr. Jim Burns

Ever feel like you are lost in your parenting? Feel that there is a better way to parent but are not certain what that looks like? On this episode of #Trending, Paige invites Dr. Burns to discuss his book Confident Parenting. From overcoming negative family patterns to creating a Parenting Plan, he provides wisdom and tools [...]

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Paige’s Page: The Truth About Pot

With the government legalizing Pot in some states, while it being illegal in others is sending a mix message to kids. What do you believe about Pot use and what conversations have you had with your kids about this drug? Allow this video to be a part of your conversation.

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Paige’s Page: Gossip

Gossiping is such a hard aspect of conversation to avoid. How do we help our kids understand it is a destructive source in our relationships? Allow this video to be a part of your conversations.

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Paige’s Page: Happiness

What to talk to your teens about what true happiness is, or how to achieve it? Allow this video to be a part of that conversation.

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Paige’s Page: Self Conscious of Appearance starting at age 7!

My daughter is 7 and her little personality has been developing into independence that I haven't noticed before. She is a pleaser, soft spoken, shy, servant oriented, thoughtful, a "lil mama," and self conscious. I had started to notice little gestures and insecurities in the last year, but it has become quite apparent that she [...]

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The Cost of Anonymity: The Secret App

I have recently come across a couple of new applications for smart devices. The two that I am certain will not be the last are called The Secret App & The Whisper App. Both of these apps have the same features, you can post your thoughts anonymously on your status for your list of contacts [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Teen Before Getting Them Technology

Questions For You and Your Teen's Use of Tech Created by, Paige Clingenpeel, M.A., L.M.H.C. Why does my teen want to have a device/phone? Discovering the motive will help you know what areas need to be addressed, (i.e. they just "want to fit in" could be a great teaching moment to talk about peer [...]

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Technology Contract

Technology Contract Created by Paige Clingenpeel, L.M.H.C. 2013 I understand that having any device is a gift not a right. Having a phone, computer, and Internet access is a partnership with my parents. I am allowed to question and suggest changes to the rules, but in a respectful way. I understand that as I [...]

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Blog: Re-Living Childhood

My second child and second daughter has a lot of the same personality traits as I do. She’s loud, she’s sensitive, she’s a born leader, she’s all or nothing, and she loves to laugh! I’m both excited and fearful for her. Because frequently when she tells me how she is having a relational problem, overwhelmed [...]

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