Rev. Clinton Faupel

Clinton has served both youth and families for nearly 30 years. Part of Clinton’s role as Executive Director of RemedyLIVE allows him the privilege of telling others about partnership opportunities as well as using his ordained, pastoral background to bring ministry components to what RemedyLIVE does. Whether it’s a school assembly, a speaking event, or one of our online webinars, Clinton brings a transparent, no holds barred approach to purposeful living. Locally or nationally, Clinton’ s commitment is to share his passion for web ministry and the one-of-a-kind chat center that RemedyLIVE is. Clinton speaks often around the country as the RemedyLIVE Ambassador and acts as Executive Producer on all of the RemedyLIVE content.

A co-host of the Trends & Teens podcast, Erin Glassley was a concerned mom about technology and its affects on our culture, families, and and even our brains! After volunteering with various projects with RemedyLIVE, the new podcast quickly became a way for her to pursue knowledge and to empower herself as well as others. Erin is passionate about waking parents up to the needs of our kids in this culture and is hoping to get a small (or large!) army of parents better equipped to fight this battle together!

Katelyn Johnson currently serves as the Director of Staff & Operations at RemedyLIVE. Although her original intention was to produce the Trends & Teens podcast, she now also serves as co-host to this great new resource to families. Her goal is to recruit experts in the fields of technology, mental health, and family counseling to continue this new venture with wisdom and knowledge in order to better equip parents around the nation that keep up with RemedyLIVE and Trends & Teens.