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#Trending: Teaching Modesty

What is modesty? How do we teach modesty to our kids? Watch this episode of #Trending to explore this topic that is impacting all the members of your household.

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#Trending: Worry Free Living Author Michael Ross

Have you ever been stressed, worried, or anxious? Did you know that those are three separate behaviors? How do you reduce your anxiety, stress or worry? How do you help your kids cope with stress and worry? In this episode, Mike Ross discusses the most up to date research, practical tools to use at home, [...]

July 18th, 2014|Uncategorized, Video On Demand|0 Comments

#Trending: ‘Plugged IN’

What are your kids watching? Do you know the content, language, images, and message? Often times we let our kids watch media that we know very little about, and this media could be influencing your kids in ways you would never allow if you knew. Plugged IN is a ministry of Focus on the Family [...]

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#Trending: Real Moms on Self Harm

Real Mom's and Youth Workers come together to discuss the tough topic of Self Harm behavior your teen or your teen's friend may be struggling with.

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#Trending: Susan Merrill’s iMom Director

iMom is a resource you can use at any stage in your children's lives, from preschool to college aged. Susan shares a little about the resources offered and some of her parenting wisdom that is sure to inspire, encourage and equip!

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#Trending: Jay Payleitner, Author & National Speaker.

Jay Payleitner joins me on this episode of #Trending to discuss his new book, '52 Things Sons Need From Their Dads.' This episode highlights wisdom for not only dads and how to connect to their sons, but also for moms who want to better understand the male dynamics!

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#Trending: ‘Hoodwinked’ the Movie Creator, Cory Edwards Talks Parenting

Movie Writer, Director and Producer, Cory Edwards discusses entertainment media and the influence it has on our kids. Don't miss this episode from an insider in both the Entertainment Industry & Parenting!

May 8th, 2014|Uncategorized, Video On Demand|1 Comment

#Trending: A Hope Center & Teen Pregnancy

Many of us parents would love to live in denial that our kids does not nor will not know much about sex till they get married, even then we are still a little nervous of them knowing that information! A Hope Center is a fabulous resource for parents and teens who need to know more [...]

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#Trending: High School Teachers Share Their Perspective

Local High School Teachers discuss the trends they are seeing in your kids and in the school system.

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Paige’s Page: Self Conscious of Appearance starting at age 7!

My daughter is 7 and her little personality has been developing into independence that I haven't noticed before. She is a pleaser, soft spoken, shy, servant oriented, thoughtful, a "lil mama," and self conscious. I had started to notice little gestures and insecurities in the last year, but it has become quite apparent that she [...]

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