Technology Contract
Created by Paige Clingenpeel, L.M.H.C.

I understand that having any device is a gift not a right. Having a phone, computer, and Internet access is a partnership with my parents. I am allowed to question and suggest changes to the rules, but in a respectful way. I understand that as I prove myself responsible that I will be allowed more privileges; if I prove myself irresponsible I will loose privileges. And I understand that both of those options are my choice as shown in my behavior.
Cell Phone:
I will plug my phone in my parent’s room by _____ on school nights and _____ on weekends
I will always answer or respond to the phone when my parents call or text
I will not use my phone during meals, school, family and friend time, and while interacting with others
I will not use my phone to talk or text while driving. I will either turn my cell off or on silent, while placing it in the glovebox or in the back pocket of the driver’s seat. If I need to text or call someone then I will park my car in a safe location like a gas station or parking lot.
I will not use my phone when people are talking to me in person. Instead I will make eye contact, respond with words not just grunts and shoulder shrugs.
I will not hide or delete information on my phone (text, pictures, call log, emails, etc)
I will not download any app, music, movies, or games without talking to my parents first
I will remember that texting is not the best way to talk to my friends or family, and instead will have majority of my conversation in person or talking on the phone. If I text them more than 3 times then I need to just call them.
Computer/Internet Use:
I will be off the Internet by _________ on school nights and __________ on weekends.
I will not look at, listen to, or talk about things that I wouldn’t want to show my parents (such as pornography, graphic/violent, inappropriate language, etc)
I will never give my information such as name, address, school, phone number, etc to anyone online, even if I believe the person to be safe. If I believe the person or website is safe, I will ask my parents prior to providing the information.
I will never buy anything online without talking with my parents first
I will not join a social network without my parents permission

General Technology:
I will never text, email or say anything that I would not say in person, or in the presence of an adult. Because I know that words are powerful and could hurt others.
I will never send, forward or respond to a threatening, abusive, or provocative message. Instead I will talk to my parents or trusted adult to discuss ways to respond to the situation.
My parents will always have access to all my accounts, email, social network, iTunes, etc
I will never create an account that I keep as a secret from my parents
I will let my parents read any text, email, call log, etc whenever they ask. I’m allowed to be frustrated at the request, but I won’t be disrespectful.
If my phone, computer or other device is damaged, lost or broken, I am responsible to repair or purchase a new one
I will never use any device to lie, deceive or manipulate others. This means I will never lie about my age, or act like another person.
I will never take, send, or forward a picture of myself or others that I wouldn’t want my parents to see. Because I know that uploading or sharing a picture of a person that is provocative is now seen as child pornography and is punishable by jail and labeled as a sexual offender.
I understand my parents can add and change the technology contract at any time

My Signature & Date:__________________________

Parents Signature & Date:______________________,_________________________