Equipping Parents to Engage Their Kids

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Equipping Parents to Engage Their Teens – Trends and Teens is in partnership with RemedyLIVE.com to equip parents to engage their kids on the various trends affecting teens today. Our mission is to provide resources so parents can be prepared instead of just left reacting to the crisis.

If you are a parent who is struggling in their relationship with their teen and need someone to talk to about the issue your son or daughter is dealing with, you’ve come to the right place. We’re committed to equipping parents engage their kids.

First, this site is completely anonymous. Often times parents don’t know what the first step should be when trying to deal with their teen. Sadly, many parents struggle with shame and the feeling that they’ve failed their son or daughter and that it’s too late to do anything. But nothing could be further from the truth. Your decision to find answers about what your son or daughter is going through indicates that you care and that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help your family get healthy.

equipping parents to engage their kids

equipping parents to engage their kids


Second, this site is staffed 24/7 with SoulMedics who are here to chat with you. SoulMedics are trained staff that spend their time on RemedyLIVE.com (our partner site) chatting with thousands of teens per year about all the struggles they are facing in their lives. But they’re not only called to chat with teens – they’re also here to listen to what you’re going through as a parent of a teen. You may have questions about an issue that your son or daughter is dealing with and just need to understand it better so you can have a conversation with your teen. A SoulMedic would love to help you in any way possible, but we must point out that SoulMedics are not counselors but rather trained listeners who are committed to helping teens and parents unpack their struggle in living their life to the full.

So let us help. Click the LIVE CHAT NOW at the top of the page to chat anonymously with a SoulMedic right now.

Trends and Teens – Equipping Parents to Engage Their Kids.

More of a texter? Text the word “TRENDS” to the number 494949 to chat anonymously with a SoulMedic.

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  1. Debbie

    I just confronted my step-daughter about her cutting herself. I explained that I also went through a situtation as a teen myself but know I feel like she feels like she just got caught. Did I do the right thing? She cried for a little while then I told her I was here for her if she needed to talk or just talk to a councilor at school or even another friend. She seemed content about the advice but I have a feeling that it might have just masked the problem. What is the next step since I have opened up the can of worms. Please help. Thanks.

  2. Kristin Schonberg

    A huge THANK YOU to both this wonderful program and Cory and Xavier Whitford! They are friends of mine and I am SO grateful that they are using their grief to help others…and be so honest and open about their loss. What a beautiful 33 minutes!!

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